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    Intelligent multifunctional communication road lamp pole (tower)

    Source:http://www.te163.netTime:2016-8-20 15:48:18

    To follow the development trend of telecommunication times, optimize the usage of land resources, grasp the advantages of intellectual industry, Zhongyi launched the multi-functional telecommunication road lamp pole (tower) through independent innovation, integrating many functions and beautiful appearance, containing the functions of lighting, telecommunication, Wi-Fi, charging post of vehicle, alarming, inspection on environmental pH value, scene, landmark, monitoring, security, transportation, advertising, travel and so on. Creative concept come from the natural environment of human being, good living environment is the power of economical development. In the days of quick economy development, the digitalized network information growing quickly, the telecommunication tool has became the necessary tool for communication, the combination of telecommunication base and other infrastructure beautify the city and form the overlay network as well.

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