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    500kV Shi Yang to Wuyi power transmission line project

    Source:http://www.te163.netTime:2016-8-20 11:12:46

    Xijiang River Large Crossing Tower is located in, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, new line length of approximately 93.742km, is the first 500 kV with large span tower four circuit. The lines are generally long 89.887km (on the same tower double circuit 66.12km, with four circuit 23.767km tower). This is the key project of the provincial network company in 2010, while the big span of the tower is the world&#39;s first four circuit with the tower of the whole tube. The project of the company&#39;s operations, production, technology has a milestone significance. Facing the challenge, but also an opportunity, company must be wisdom, excellence, difficulties to ensure Xijiang River large crossing tower high quality, smooth delivery!

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