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    Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

    1985-201630 yearsBrilliant

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    Adds:Chinese,Guangdong.ZhongShan Xingzhong road.Xingzhong building.

    The presidential palace in Kazakhstan before the pole[ 10-08 15:26 ]
    The 6 sets 54 meters high elevating high pole lamps in the front of the presidential palace of the Republic of Kazakhstan.The company exported large batches of high pole lamps each year. This set of e...
    Round tube type electric power project runway[ 10-08 15:26 ]
    Waist round type runway tube power project located in the Binhai Avenue of Dongguan City,The first waist round type (runway) steel tube combination tower in China...
    500kV Shi Yang to Wuyi power transmission line project[ 10-08 15:26 ]
    Xijiang River Large Crossing Tower is located in, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, new line length of approximately 93.742km, is the first 500 kV with large span tower four circuit. The lines are ge...
    Century Engineering Hong Kong Macao Bridge[ 10-08 15:26 ]
    Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is the world&#39;s longest crossing Sea Bridge. As the crossing sea bridge project of longest miles, biggest investment, hardest construction difficulty, Hong Kong-Zh...

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