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    Safety device for crane

    Source:http://www.te163.netTime:2016-8-20 13:06:28

    In order to ensure the lifting operation is safe and reliable, crane with a perfect safety device to under unexpected circumstances to protect parts or to remind the operator to note that thus play a role in safety protection.

    1 hydraulic system in the overflow valve: can inhibit the abnormal high pressure circuit, in order to prevent damage to the hydraulic pump and motor, and to prevent the overload.

    2. Boom luffing safety device: when the accident occurred, hanging arm luffing cylinder loop in the high pressure hoses or tubing burst or cut off, the balance valve in the hydraulic circuit is, locked from the cavity of a cylinder oil, make the suspension arm will not fall, so as to ensure the operation.

    3. Telescopic crane safety device: when the accident occurred, hanging arm telescopic cylinder loop of high pressure hoses or tubing burst or cut off, the balance valve in the hydraulic circuit is, locked from the cavity of a cylinder oil, make the suspension will be retracted their, so as to ensure the operation.

    4. The height limiting device: crane hook up to a prescribed height, touch limit weight, the travel switch is turned on, "around" indicator light is bright, and cut off the hook from the rise, hanging arm, boom V to action and ensure the safety. Then as long as control hook drop, hanging arm retracted or hanging arm lifted (i.e. to safety policy operation), etc. the handle to limit weight constraint release operation is restored to normal. In special occasions, such as still need to be a trace of the operation, can press the release button on the instrument box, this time limit the role will be lifted, but at this time the operation must be very cautious, in case of accident.

    5. Outrigger locking device: when the accident occurred, leading to the crane legs vertical cylinder of high pressure hoses or tubing rupture or cutting and hydraulic system of two-way hydraulic lock can lock down the leg pressure oil in the two cavities of cylinder block, made a leg shortening or thrown out, so as to ensure crane operation safety.

    6. The weight indicator, weight indicator is arranged in the arms of the combined lateral (i.e., control room of the right side), an operator can sit on operating room can be clearly observed, can accurately indicate the hanging arm elevation and the corresponding conditions allowing the crane rated lifting weight.

    7. Characteristic table is arranged in the manipulation of the front side of the indoor wall, the table lists the various arm length and amplitude under the rated lifting weight and height to operation access. Crane operation, must not exceed the specified value in the table.

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