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    What are the advantages of hot dip galvanizing?

    Source:http://www.te163.netTime:2016-8-20 12:22:19

    The principle of hot dip galvanizing, simple said is cleaned clean iron pieces, through fluxing agent of wetting, immersed in zinc bath, the reaction of iron and steel and molten zinc alloy coating generated. Hot dip galvanizing should be good, all processes are in strict control, completely play the process function. And improper operation of the previous process, the follow-up process chain of adverse reactions caused by, and a significant increase in operating costs or adverse hot dip galvanized products. If the former is unable to deal with bad, molten zinc and steel completely normal reaction, forming the perfect galvanized epithelial tissue. If the postprocessing bad is the damage of galvanized coating appearance, reduce the value of the goods.

    Its advantages are mainly in the following aspects:

    1 the entire steel surface are protected, whether in the depression inside the tube, or any other coating is difficult to enter the corner, melt zinc are easy to uniform coverage.

    2 the hardness of the galvanized layer is larger than that of the steel. The top ETA layer only 70 DPN hardness, therefore it is easy to be affected by the collision and concave, but lower zeta layer and the delta layer respectively 179 and 211 DPN hardness value than iron wood 159 DPN hardness value is higher, so the impact resistance and wear resistance are quite good.

    3 in the corner area, the zinc layer is thicker than the other parts, and has good toughness and wear resistance. The other coating in this corner, is often the most thin, the most difficult construction, the most vulnerable to injury, it is often necessary to maintain.

    4 even if the result of a lot of mechanical damage or other reasons. Caused a small part of the zinc layer off, the iron base is exposed, at this time, the surrounding zinc layer will play the function of sacrificial anode to protect the steel here, so that it is not affected by erosion. While the other coating on the contrary, rust will immediately generate, and quickly spread to the coating, causing spalling of the coating.

    5 zinc depletion in the atmosphere is very slow, about 1/17 of steel corrosion rate to 1/18, and is predictable. Its service life is much more than any other coating.

    6 coating life in a particular environment, mainly depending on the thickness of the coating. Coating and coating thickness and the thickness of the steel and decided, that the thicker the steel to be thick, so steel with a thickness of iron and steel parts must also be thick coating, in order to ensure longer life.

    Polyphonic polyphonic. Because of beautiful, artistic, or in the use of specific severely corrosive environment, then apply above lacquer processing duplex system, as long as the paint system to choose the correct, easy construction and the anti corrosion effect than single painting and galvanizing life together even better 1.5 ~ 2.5 times.

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