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    What is the material requirement of steel structure?

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    Steel structure in the process will be using the various forms of action (load, uneven settlement, temperature, etc.), so the requirements of steel structure should have good mechanical properties (strength, ductility and toughness) and processing properties (hot and cold processing and welding performance), to ensure the safety and reliability of the structure. In accordance with the requirements of structural steel is a few, such as Q235 plain carbon steel, low alloy steel l6Mn for high strength bolt 20 manganese vanadium steel (MNV).

    Material requirements of steel structure:

    1 strength

    Strength indexes of steel structure by the elastic limit sigma e, yield limit sigma y, and ultimate tensile sigma u, design in structural steel yield strength based, high yield strength can reduce the structural weight, save steel, reduce the cost. Tensile strength of sigma u is the failure of steel structure can withstand the maximum stress, then this structure due to plastic deformation and lost the use of performance, but the structure of the large deformation and not collapse, meet the structural resistance to earthquake requirements. Sigma Sigma u/ y value, the parameters can be regarded as the reserve strength of steel structure.

    2 plastic

    In general, the plasticity of the steel structure is more than the yield point, and it has obvious plastic deformation. The main measure index of steel structure plastic deformation ability is elongation and contraction rate of psi.

    3 cold bending properties

    The cold bending property of the steel structure is a measure of the resistance of the steel structure to produce the crack when the bending process of the steel structure at room temperature produces the plastic deformation. The cold bending property of the steel structure is tested by the bending test to test the bending deformation behavior of the steel structure under the prescribed bending degree.

    4 impact toughness

    The impact toughness of the steel structure is refers to the steel structure under the impact load, mechanical kinetic energy is a kind of ability to absorb in the process of fracture is measure of steel structure to resist the impact of cutting load, may be due to low temperature, stress concentration, which leads to brittle fracture of a mechanical properties. Impact toughness index of steel structure is obtained by impact test of standard specimens.

    5 welding performance

    The welding property of the steel structure is the welding joint with good performance under the condition of the fixed welding process. Welding performance can be divided into two kinds of welding performance and performance. In welding process, the welding performance is the sensitivity of the welding process of the weld and near the weld metal does not produce hot cracks or cooling does not produce cooling shrinkage cracks.

    The welding performance is good, is refers to under certain welding craft condition, the weld metal and nearby the base material all does not have the crack. The performance of the weld is the impact toughness of the weld and the ductility of the heat affected zone. The mechanical properties of the steel structure in the weld and heat affected zone are not lower than that of the base metal. In our country, the test method of the welding performance of the welding process is adopted, and the test method of the performance of the welding property is also used.

    6 durability

    There are many factors that affect the durability of steel structure. First, the corrosion resistance of the steel structure is poor, we must take preventive measures to prevent corrosion of steel structure.

    Protective measures: regular steel structure paint maintenance, use galvanized steel structure, in acid, alkali, salt and other strong corrosive medium by special protective measures, such as offshore platform structure with anode protection measures to prevent the corrosion of jacket, jacket is fixed on the zinc ingot in, seawater electrolyte will automatically corrosion zinc ingots, so as to protect the steel jacket. Secondly, because of the steel structure under high temperature and long term load, its failure strength is lower than the short-term strength, so the steel structure under the action of long-term high temperature, to determine the lasting strength. Steel structure will automatically become hard, brittle, or "aging" phenomenon. The impact toughness of steel structure under low temperature load should be tested.

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