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    A new single frame multi-purpose portal crane

    Source:http://www.te163.netTime:2016-8-20 12:27:13

    First, an overview

    "The new single arm frame multi-purpose portal crane" is by the Guangdong Province funded by the Provincial Department of science and technology correspondent action plan special research and development project. By Wuhan University of Technology, Zhongshan City Equipment Manufacturing Industry Research Institute, Guangdong, China Arts Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. jointly undertake research and development tasks, by the Guangdong China Arts Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. to assume the prototype of the trial production and production.

    New single boom multi-purpose portal crane is a new generation of port loading and unloading equipment, can adapt to the container and bulk cargo and miscellaneous pieces of goods, loading and unloading. The substantial absorption of foreign same type crane advantages, on the structure of a traditional single boom portal crane of bold innovation and optimization, the performance of the machine has been greatly improved. The machine of hook, grab and automatic container spreader different operation mode has good adaptation, and effectively expand the scope of work of the single boom portal crane.

    Two, the main structural characteristics and innovation

    The extensive use of the current domestic single boom portal crane is mainly used for the operation of the hook and the container spreader. Because the body structure, over the years the Single Jib of portal crane has not really realize multi-purpose work. The problems such as: short service life of the rope, the crane is large sloshing, the container operation in the difficulties of box, can't adapt to the bulk grab operation. In view of the existing problems, through careful study of the overall structure of the crane, a significant innovation in the overall structure and achieved the desired results.

    1 the structure of the whole machine is novel

    The machine adopts wire rope pulley group level displacement compensation and boom weight balancing system, luffing rack, herringbone frame plate bridge column structure is adopted, under the arm frame hinge point by turntable plane moved to the middle part of the upright post, turntable and machine room moved to arm frame hinge point below. Under the condition of keeping the minimum height of the cylindrical door frame, the height of the plate Liang Lizhu is changed to meet the requirement of different lifting height.

    2 the whole machine center of gravity is low, the stability is good

    The machine table, machine room and a fixed weight, high quality components with hoisting height change increases, the center of gravity of the aircraft height with traditional type door machine compared to reduce 1 / 4, a substantial increase in the doors of the stability of the machine, the crane's dynamic performance and stability has been good improvement.

    3 hoisting rope long life

    Herringbone frame column structure is adopted, the machine room can realize the reasonable layout of the working mechanism of different modes of hoisting steel wire frame rope to take a herringbone frame after the rope is gentle to tightrope, the operating process of the steel wire rope does not appear to rewind. As a result of the hoisting mechanism of the overall downward, increasing the distance between the drum and pulley, wire rope and pulley and roll angle can be control in 1.5 degrees Celsius, the life of the wire rope with the original same type door machine prolonged compared to nearly 60% can be easily achieved with container automatic spreader, bulk grab bucket and bulk material and multipurpose swap, loading and unloading operations.

    4 high efficiency

    Due to effectively prolong the service life of the wire rope, in the container automatic spreader, bulk grab and miscellaneous pieces of cargo handling operation conditions, crane work efficiency can be greatly increased to four-bar linkage door machine with the same level, and effectively improve the work efficiency.

    Three, the main technical features and innovation

    1, the use of new design methods

    New single boom multi-purpose portal crane used with high column and boom weight balancing system of single arm frame structure type, horizontal displacement compensation through a steel wire pulley group. According to the general idea, the calculation of the horizontal displacement of the different winding rope and the calculation of the unbalanced torque are studied. According to the above theoretical analysis and modeling, a special calculation software is developed for the overall calculation of the point and the performance of the crane.

    The support type, guide pulley and the arrangement of the compensating pulley, the hinge point arrangement of the balance beam and the arrangement of the variable amplitude platform are analyzed and studied.

    2 study on anti swing hanger

    A new single boom multi-purpose portal crane by remote control is an important way to improve the stability and efficiency of crane. According to the working characteristics of single arm rack door machine, arm in a large scale to small changes in amplitude, drape of wire rope sling goods gradually become longer, goods of the horizontal velocity increases gradually, resulting in increase goods swing in lifting process. Design analysis of the spreader by force and motion rules, the spreader control swing angle of mechanical stabilization scheme, the appropriate friction device arranged on the lifting pulley, consumption spreader in the swinging movement of energy to effectively reduce the purpose of remote control.

    3 control system research

    A new control system of Single Jib multi-purpose gantry crane crane adopts the most advanced and reliable control scheme. Crane lifting, range, rotation, running mechanism are using AC frequency conversion speed control drive and all digital PLC control system. With the working mechanism of the operation control, automatic sling operation control, protection control of the working process of the crane and minimum amplitude reduction of remote control, lifting mechanism of constant power speed control, automatic power factor correction control, crane operational performance reached the optimal.

    Four, product application and effect

    Since new single boom multi-purpose portal crane since August 2009 was the first prototype trial has by the Arts Industry Co., Ltd. in Guangdong produced 10 sets of input port. Through user feedback opinion and by the authority of the state professional inspection agency inspection indicate that the models with excellent performance and good capability of anti overturning, beautiful appearance, smooth operation, good operation view, high work efficiency, process

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