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    Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

    1985-201630 yearsBrilliant

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    The advantages of Aluminum Alloy pole?[ 10-08 15:26 ]
    Lamp pole can be divided into: iron pole, glass steel pole, cement pole and aluminum alloy pole, Guangdong art production of heavy pole for high quality aluminum alloy poles.Aluminum Alloy pole has se...
    What is the material requirement of steel structure?[ 10-08 15:26 ]
    Steel structure in the process will be using the various forms of action (load, uneven settlement, temperature, etc.), so the requirements of steel structure should have good mechanical properties (st...
    What are the advantages of hot dip galvanizing?[ 10-08 15:26 ]
    The principle of hot dip galvanizing, simple said is cleaned clean iron pieces, through fluxing agent of wetting, immersed in zinc bath, the reaction of iron and steel and molten zinc alloy coating ge...

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